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Dr Ram Pandit embarks on secondment at WABSI to head up biodiversity economics.

CAED and CEEP member, Dr Ram Pandit, has embarked on a 2-year secondment journey to take on the role of Research Director for Biodiversity Economics and Finance at the Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute (WABSI). This new role marks a pivotal step in integrating economic principles with conservation strategies with a view to building momentum in becoming a Nature Positive Economy.

Dr Pandit will be focussing on two aspects of biodiversity economics and finance. First, identifying and understanding the issues, problems and challenges faced by WABSI stakeholders in mainstreaming biodiversity economics and finance in their operational decisions. Second, what are the research priorities to fulfil the knowledge gaps in valuing biodiversity and financing its conservation in WA.

The work undertaken will pave the way for valuing biodiversity and devising innovative financing mechanisms for conservation efforts.  These aspects of biodiversity conservation are vitally important as we move towards a Nature Positive Economy and ensure sustainable development for generations to come.  

Dr Pandit (pictured) extends an invitation to stakeholders across various sectors in WA to collaborate and engage in the discussions. Whether you're a decision-maker at the local or state level, a representative from government departments, a member of the business or research community, your insights are invaluable.

Contact Dr Pandit to share your perspectives, discuss collaboration opportunities, or seek solutions to biodiversity economics and finance-related issues.


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