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Research Students

Our staff supervise postgraduate research students undertaking PhD, Masters by Research and Honours projects. We also teach units in undergraduate courses in the UWA School of Agriculture and Environment

Current enrolments

Marcela Del Carmen Vieira (PhD candidate)
Title: The Economic Value of Ecosystem Services Provided by Dung Beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeinae) to Australia.
Sofina Maharjan (PhD candidate)
Title: Measuring productivity and technical efficiency, adoption and impact analysis of laser land leveller in India.

Michael Young (PhD candidate)
Title: Optimal stocking rates for broadacre farm businesses in Western Australia

Dinesh Thapa Magar (PhD candidate)
Title: Overseas Labour Migration: Its Drivers and Impacts on Smallholder Farm-Households in Nepal  

Bibek Sapkota (PhD candidate)
Title: Farmers' risk perceptions, attitudes and management strategies, and willingness to pay for crop insurance in Nepal. 

Joe Gebbels (PhD candidate)
Title: Strategies for Reducing Emissions and Building the Climate Resilience of Western Australian Agriculture

Lou Chalmer (PhD candidate)

Pia Piggott (Masters)
Title: An Economic Analysis of Regenerative Agriculture in West Australian Dryland Mixed Cropping-Livestock Systems
Rita Gurung (Masters student)
Title: Technical Efficiency and its determinants in Smallholder Farmers of Malawi

Recent completions

Thi Hue Vuong (PhD, completed 2021)
Title: Food safety in Vietnam: Perceptions, behaviours, economics and policy

Janine Powell (PhD, completed 2021)
Title: Can innovative energy and storage solutions reduce the cost of energy and reduce the carbon footprint of irrigators in the Australian Sugar industry?

Bruno Paz (Masters, completed 2020)
Title: Adoption of Conservation Agriculture-based Sustainable Intensification (CASI) in the Eastern Gangetic Plains.

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