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Capacity to deliver

Our research centre accepts industry-funded contracts. We are involved in large multi-stakeholder research programs, research and capacity building projects and consultancy arrangements in Australia and abroad.

Areas of expertise
  • Using behavioural economics to understand adoption drivers of new farm technologies and management practices – including customising existing tools such as ADOPT;

  • Agricultural development: Institutions, poverty, food security, and nutrition;

  • Survey and interview tools to assess consumer preferences for novel food products and production practices;

  • Benefit-cost analysis of new farm management practices, technologies and RD&E activities;

  • Design and use of prioritisation tools to assist investment in technologies and RD&E;

  • Farm productivity and profitability analysis;

  • Market analysis for agricultural commodities, including consumer expectations, international trade, and supply chain considerations;

  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment of non-market impacts and externalities from farming systems;

  • Risk analysis and evaluation of business performance at the farm level and across value chains;

  • Facilitating information collection with small and large stakeholder groups through interviews, focus groups, and workshops;

  • Project design and management in collaboration with R&D organisations, industry and regulatory bodies.

Summary of our capacity to deliver for Australian organisations 

Summary of our capacity to deliver for international organisations 

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