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Our postgraduate research students

We supervise postgraduate research students undertaking PhD, Masters by Research and Honours projects related to agricultural economics. 

Photo Emanuel Gomez.png

Emanuel Gomez

PhD Candidate

The Economics of Traceability for WA Grains Sustainability Credentials

Emanuel Gomez is an Agricultural Economist pursuing a PhD at UWA, looking into the Economics of Traceability Systems aimed at reporting grain Sustainability Credentials in Western Australia.


His research stands at the intersection of agricultural markets and sustainability, aiming to understand market dynamics at both the demand and supply ends to identify opportunities for value creation while adhering to UN SDG goals. Emanuel's research is applied, leveraging his experience in the commodity trading sector. He has just completed a survey study through a collaboration with the Grower Group Alliance in WA, through which he explored growers' perceptions and attitudes towards adopting information-sharing technologies.

Key skills:

Survey design and analysis, Agriculture Market Analysis, Economic Modelling, Benefit: Cost Analysis.

Areas of application:

Agricultural Trade, Technology Adoption, Climate Policy.


  • GGA SWWA Drought Resilience Innovation and Adoption Hub bursary 

  • GRDC Research Scholarship 

Putri Budi Setyowati.jpg

Research Profile

Putri Budi Setyowati

PhD Candidate

Rice Farmers’ Resilience to Climate Change in Indonesia: Insights from a Social-Ecological Approach

Putri is a PhD student with research interests focusing on farmers’ behaviour in response to climate change. Primarily focused on farm-level decisions, her current research integrates social and ecological perspectives to strengthen farmers’ resilience and welfare.

Key skills:

Social-Ecological Systems Analysis, Productivity and Efficiency Analysis, Systematic Literature Review, and Survey/Questionnaire Research Design.

Areas of application:

Agricultural Production, Climate Change, and Famers’ Behaviour.


  • The France Excellence Eiffel Scholarship Program

  • The Indonesian Education Scholarship Program 

Oanh Nguyen.jpg

Research Profile

Oanh Nguyen

PhD Candidate

Technological Innovations in the Australian Wine Industry: A Study of Augmented Reality Labelling and Customer Relationship Management Platform Adoption

Oanh Nguyen is a PhD candidate at School of Agriculture and Environment at the University of Western Australia. She is currently working on her research topic focused on the adoption of customer management platforms and digital labelling in the Australian wine industry. Oanh’s research interests include innovation, technology adoption and marketing in the agribusiness sector. With 10 years of working experience in agribusiness, she is passionate about studying adoption behaviour and economic perspectives to improve the performance of small and medium-scale businesses, which often face unique challenges and vulnerabilities.

Key skills:

Regression analysis, meta-analysis, structural equation model and choice experiment analysis.

Areas of application:

Agricultural marketing, economic growth, digital label and marketing strategies, sustainable packaging innovation and circular economy for agribusiness firm.


  • Awardee of Australian Award Scholarship for Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business at the University of Adelaide

  • Awardee of Australia Award Short Course of Inclusive Leadership for the Mekong Region at Griffith University

  • Awardee of research grant by Aus4skills for Vietnamese Alumni Agricultural Professional Group 

  • Awardee of Australian Government International Research Training Program, The University of Western Australia


Research Profile

Mahnaz Afsar

PhD Candidate

Developing demand-driven extension strategies to improve adoption of precision agriculture technologies in South-West Western Australia.

Mahnaz is currently a PhD candidate in the UWA School of Agriculture and Environment. Her PhD research focuses on developing demand-driven extension strategies to improve the adoption of precision agriculture technologies in South-West Western Australia. By integrating behavioral insights, Mahnaz aims to enhance farm productivity, profitability, and sustainability in the region.

Before enrolling in the PhD program, she worked as a Senior Lecturer in the department of Agricultural Economics at EXIM Bank Agricultural University, Bangladesh. Her research interests include behavioral economics, food security, women's empowerment, agricultural technology adoption and rural development.

Key skills:

Socio economic analysis, questionnaire/survey design and analysis, food security index, benefit-cost analysis

Areas of application:

Agricultural production and rural development, poverty and food security, women empowerment, adoption and diffusion of innovations, and sustainable farming system.


  • Scholarship for International Research Fees, The University of Western Australia

  • ARC Training Centre for Behavioural Insights for Technology Adoption HDR Scholarship

  • Research grant from British Council 

  • Research grants by Research and Development (R&D) programme of National Science and Technology (NST), Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh.

  • Research fellowship for MS program in the project of BSERT-IWMI G: 3 Water Governance and Community Based Management’ under CGIAR Challenge Programme on Water and Food (CPWF), Bureau of socioeconomic research and training (BSERT), Bangladesh Agricultural University.

Eshrat Jahan Mahfuza.jpg

Research Profile

Eshrat Jahan Mahfuza

PhD Candidate

To be confirmed

Ms. Eshrat is a PhD candidate at the UWA School of Agriculture and Environment. In addition, she works as an agricultural economist with expertise in agribusiness, food security, supply networks, entrepreneurship, and agricultural value chains. In Bangladesh, Eshrat has worked on many research and consulting initiatives. She worked as an assistant professor at the Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) before enrolling at UWA as a doctoral student.

Key skills:

Questionnaire/survey design and analysis, data collection, and research associate

Areas of application:

Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness and Marketing, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Agricultural Price Analysis, Consumer behaviour, Value Chain Analysis



  • Prime Minister Gold Medal Award, Bangladesh

  • University Grants Commission scholarship, Bangladesh

  • ‘National Science and Technology Fellowship’, Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh.

  • International Tuition Fees Offset Scholarships, The University of Western Australia

  • Australian Government Research Training Program Stipend Scholarship

  • Research Grant, Bangladesh Agricultural University 

Photo_Yadav Padhyoti.jpg

Research Profile

Yadav Padhyoti

PhD Candidate

Understanding barriers to the adoption of efficient market system for agricultural commodities in Australia.

Yadav Padhyoti is an agriculture economist with extensive experience in agriculture policy analysis and evaluations. His research is focused on economic and financial analysis of agribusinesses, agriculture value chain analysis, food and nutrition security, and agriculture policy analysis. He is a PhD researcher with the ARC Behavioural Insights for Technology Adoption (BITA) Project at the UWA. He is looking into the estimation of market inefficiencies in agricultural commodity markets in Australia and understanding the behavioural and other barriers along the market chain of crop and livestock product markets for adopting efficient marketing system.


Key skills:

Policy and project evaluation, project development, project management, questionnaire/survey design, quantitative and qualitative analysis, project development, and research assistance.

Areas of application:

Agriculture marketing system, commodity trading system, technology adoption, behavioural economics, food and nutrition security.

Our staff

List of our recently  completed postrgraduate research students

Sofina Maharjan (PhD, completed 2023)

Title: Measuring productivity and technical efficiency, adoption and impact analysis of laser land leveller in India.


Michael Young (PhD, completed 2023)

Title: Optimal stocking rates for broadacre farm businesses in Western Australia


Dinesh Thapa Magar (PhD, completed 2023)

Title: Overseas Labour Migration: Its Drivers and Impacts on Smallholder Farm-Households in Nepal  


Joe Gebbels (PhD, completed 2022)

Title: Strategies for Reducing Emissions and Building the Climate Resilience of Western Australian Agriculture


Bibek Sapkota (PhD, completed 2022)

Title: Farmers' risk perceptions, attitudes and management strategies, and willingness to pay for crop insurance in Nepal. 


Thi Hue Vuong (PhD, completed 2021)

Title: Food safety in Vietnam: Perceptions, behaviours, economics and policy


Janine Powell (PhD, completed 2021)

Title: Can innovative energy and storage solutions reduce the cost of energy and reduce the carbon footprint of irrigators in the Australian Sugar industry?


Bruno Paz (Masters, completed 2020)

Title: Adoption of Conservation Agriculture-based Sustainable Intensification (CASI) in the Eastern Gangetic Plains.

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