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Full speed ahead for ag-economics think tank

The UWA Institute of Agriculture's April 2024 Newsletter is out now and is full of interesting articles and research news, including the activities conducted through SAGE's Centre for Agricultural Economics and Development (CAED).

The UWA Institute of Agriculture's Newsletter has a subscription base of thousands of CAED's stakeholders, including farmers, researchers, policy makers, funding partners and representatives from industry-based research organisations and farming groups.

It is fantastic to see our staff and research students featured so regularly.

In this issue, the CAED has been promoted highlighting our research areas and capacity as well as some of the major projects being implemented in the Centre, including RiskWi$e and BITA.

Our PhD candidate, Emanuel Gomez, has an article on his research and experience connecting with as many WA growers as possible, and our Research Officer, Ms Montana Walsh Baddeley, tells her experience working with beef producers and feedlots under the BeefLinks Research Program.

You can download and save the CAED article as a one-pager here:

IoA Newsletter 2024 April_Full speed ahead for ag-economics think tank
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