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Webinar: results from the Black Soldier Fly project will be presented to our industry partners

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Join us online to find out about the latest research and results which are hot off the press from the “Closing the loop: Black Soldier Fly technology to convert agricultural waste” project.

The lead researchers will inform industry on the results in three dedicated webinars, each tailored to meet the interests of a particular industry group.

A preview of the results derived from poultry, dairy, piggery and abattoir wastes include:

· Reduction in manure volumes of up to 70-80%*

· Fertiliser/soil conditioner potential-outperforms synthetic fertilisers

· Demonstrated low risk in pathogens*

· Reduced stable fly emergence*

· Reduced greenhouse gases (GHG) and nutrient leaching*

· Produces a stable product with no odour

· Can be granulated to reduce transportation cost.

*Compared to raw manures

These free webinars will provide participants with the latest industry-specific research findings in relation to the use of Black Soldier Fly to generate a sustainable pathway for waste management.

The webinars will follow the same 45-minute format; introduction, research presentations, and a facilitated discussion at the end. The program includes information about black soldier fly farming by Luke Wheat, using frass as a fertiliser by Dr Sasha Jenkins, using larvae as a fertiliser by Dr Matt Reading and results of an economic analysis by A/Prof Marit Kragt or A/Prof Fay Rola-Rubzen.

Webinar Registration

Please register for the webinar which is most suitable for your interests by clicking on the link which will take you the Microsoft Teams registration page.

Industry Group: Dairy and Pigs

Date: 28th March

Time: 12-1pm AEDT

Facilitated by: Gemma Wyburn from Australian Pork Limited

Industry Group: Poultry (Meat and Eggs) and Industry Mix (Fish and Horticulture)

Date: 29th March

Time: 12-1pm AEDT

Facilitated by: Mini Singh from Australian Eggs Ltd

Industry Group: Meat Processing

Date: 30th March

Time: 12-1pm AEDT

Facilitated by: Matt Deegan from AMPC


Dr Sasha Jenkins, Project Lead, University of Western Australia.

Dr Jenkins has over ten years of research and teaching experience in the application of microbial biotechnology for sustainable agricultural waste management. Her research focuses on the optimisation of low-cost waste treatment technologies for the recapture of bioenergy, nutrients and water and development of novel fertilisers and feeds from the recovered resources.

Luke Wheat, Future Green Solutions.

With a diverse range of experience across field biology and environmental management operations, Mr Wheat brings a unique and multidisciplinary approach to the research and development to enable growth of FGS’s technology and process. His comprehensive understanding of data collection, experimental design and in-depth knowledge of daily operations ensure a rigorous yet practical approach to developing the Project.

Dr Matthew Redding, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, QLD.

Dr Redding works in the QLD government sector as a research scientist, specialising in Agronomy, nutrient cycling and Plant Fertilization, agricultural sensing, and automation.

Associate Professor Marit Kragt, Project Lead, University of Western Australia.

Dr Kragt is an expert on nonmarket valuation and interdisciplinary research. Her work focusses on sustainable natural resources management, predominantly in the agricultural sector. Her expertise has also been applied in the context of mine site rehabilitation and farmers’ adoption of new technologies.

Associate Professor Fay Rola-Rubzen, University of Western Australia.

Dr Rola-Rubzen's research focuses on poverty and food security, agribusiness value chains, rural development, sustainable and resilient farming systems, farmer behaviour and technology adoption, and the intersection between gender and economics. She has a strong capacity in socio-economic analysis, stakeholder needs analysis, benefit-cost analysis, adoption of sustainable agriculture practices, and program evaluation.

More Information

Key Contacts at UWA:

A/Prof Marit Kragt:

Dr Sasha Jenkins:

Tammie Harold:


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