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New funding announced: CRC for Zero Net Emissions from Agriculture

We are excited to share the annoucement that the CRC for Zero Net Emissions from Agriculture has been officially granted!

The CRC for Zero Net Emissions from Agriculture (ZNEAg CRC) has received $87 million to further develop and scale up technologies to reduce methane emissions from grazing cattle and sheep, and to improve crop quality and production. The ZNEAg CRC is a multi-stakeholder approach to transitioning Australian agriculture to net-zero, healthy, resilient, and profitable food systems by 2040. It is an initiative brokered by the University of Queensland and Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and involves a consortium of 73 partners across industry, education and government, including 16 major industry groups, all six state governments and the Northern Territory, 10 universities, 3 Indigenous organisations and many SMEs and grower groups.

UWA is a major partner, and we would like to thank our DPIRD colleagues who helped to strengthen the bid. Also, the bid team at the University of Queensland, and the inclusive leadership of CRC Chair Deb Cousins.

CAED Director, A/Prof Marit Kragt (pictured) and Professor Phil Vercoe, both from the UWA School of Agriculture and Environment, will be leading two of the four research programs on the ZNEAg CRC:

Professor Phil Vercoe, leads Research Program 2: Towards methane-free cattle and sheep. This program will provide the technology and quantification required to transition livestock production to a low-methane emission future.

Associate Professor Marit Kragt, leads Research Program 4: Delivering Value from Net Zero. This program will develop renewable energy and circular economy solutions that create profitable opportunities for agribusinesses and rural communities. The program will improve supply chain management and enhance access to key export markets.

The Centre for Agricultural Economics and Development (CAED) will be working closely with the UWA Institute of Agriculture to help meet the program objectives.

This CRC is a significant opportunity for UWA to further strengthen our capacity and position as a world-leading research centre for impactful research on sustainable agriculture, to strengthen partnerships with our extensive industry network and with government partners, and to drive real-world change.

Stay tuned for the calls for research projects during 2024!


For more information

ZNEAg CRC website:

Key Contacts

Associate Professor Marit Kragt at 

Professor Phil Vercoe at 


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