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Harmony Week with CAED staff and postgraduate research students

Harmony Week was celebrated on Thursday 23rd March 2023 to recognise the multiculturalism within the Centre for Agricultural Economics and Development (CAED).

In the spirit of team building a morning tea was organised where people brought a plate of food from their cultural background to share. People were encouraged to wear a traditional outfit that represents their cultural heritage, or alternatively to wear something orange, the official Harmony Week colour.

It was a respectful occasion with some meaningful conversations, including everyone teaching the group how to say good morning/hello/welcome in their home language! The morning tea was initiated by CAED Deputy Director, A/Professor Fay Rola-Rubzen, who is also a member of the School's Equity & Diversity Committee.

If you are interested in initiating something special in our centre for Harmony Week next year, please contact a member of the School's Equity & Diversity Committee or CAED manager, Tammie Harold at


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