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Where is most livestock waste produced?

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Researchers from CAED conducted an analysis of the spatial availability of farm animal wastes in Australia for a research project exploring how Black Soldier Fly (BSF) technology can be used to convert agricultural waste into profitable products, such as fertiliser.

This publication provides the location of waste producers and waste volumes. It was found most livestock waste is produced in Queensland (poultry and meat processing), Victoria (dairy), and New South Wales (piggeries). In comparison, South Australia, Western Australia, and Tasmania produce substantially less farm animal waste.

The results presented in this report provide preliminary insights into the most strategically useful locations for facilities that re-use animal waste (such as Black Soldier Fly, biogas production, or anaerobic digestion).

Related Publications

Tascon, A., Dempster, F., Kragt, M. (2021). Spatial Analysis of Farm Animal Waste in Australia. University of Western Australia.

Tascon, A. (Creator) (4 Aug 2021). Spatial Analysis of Farm Animal Wastes in Australia. The University of Western Australia. Excel file available at: 10.26182/r3zp-4j91


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