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MLA's BeefUp Forum helps BeefLinks to engage with WA beef producers

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) hosted the latest BeefUp Forum in Broome on Monday 27th March 2023 with over 50 people in attendance keen to learn about the latest in research and technologies for the beef industry.

These annual Forums are effective in building awareness of current projects and initiatives and to discuss best practices in the Kimberley. They attract beef-producing farmers and some station staff, beef industry specialists such as Agents, Exporters and Suppliers, research organisations, advisory bodies, government agencies and capacity building associations and networks.

This year’s forum was well received with a variety of topics including pasture management, flood recovery, welfare and biosecurity. There was space in the program to discuss research priorities for MLA funding in the future. The annual sessions were clearly appreciated by farmers and MLA took on-board their suggestions for feedback on research priority setting.

The forum was also an opportunity for networking between researchers, advisors and producers.

During the day there were a number of research stands around the forum for producers to find out more information, however it proved more effective for the researchers to mingle away from their stands, and where possible, to directly approach producers who they thought most likely to be interested in their research.

The post-event dinner was a relaxed environment and provided the greatest level of producer-researcher engagement. Producers were able to catch up with each other as well as discuss new innovations with researchers in a more casual setting.

UWA-MLA Research Partnership - Beeflinks

Beeflinks was represented at the Forum by Dr Zoey Durmic, Dr Peter Hutton and Ms Montana Walsh Baddeley. The researchers worked collaboratively at the Forum sharing contacts and making introductions.

Montana (pictured right) is a team member on the project Producer insights for adoption outcomes across WA BeefLinks. The forum enabled her to make several useful connections with producers that will enhance the implementation of the research project.

Opportunity to get involved in Beeflinks

Beeflinks is currently undergoing an evaluation, particularly in relation to how successful the research is being received by the WA beef producers.

If you are interested to be interviewed to share your perspective and provide feedback, please contact BeefLinks team member, Tammie Harold, at to set up time a chat.

Key Contacts for more information

MLA BeefUp Forum Coordinator: Rosie Peace at

WA Beeflinks Program Leader: Prof Phil Vercoe at

Producer Insights Project Leader: Dr Fiona Dempster at


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