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Alaya Spencer-Cotton reflects on her postgraduate journey

PhD candidate, Alaya Spencer-Cotton, recently submitted her PhD thesis that explored values and preferences that the Australian public had for different rangelands land-uses in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The body of work was supervised by CAED/CEEP members including A/Professor Michael Burton and A/Prof Marit Kragt.

In a recent interview with Alaya she reflects on her journey and how economics can be a powerful lens to help us to understand the positive and negative impacts of policy or planning decisions.

Read the UWA Institute of Agriculture Newsletter (December 2022, page 9)

Alaya will remain at the University of Western Australian in a post doctoral position.

Alaya's recent publications are available in open access:

Manero, A., Taylor, K., Nikolakis, W., Adamowicz, W., Marshall, V., Spencer-Cotton, A., Nguyen, M., & Grafton, R. Q. (2022). A systematic literature review of non-market valuation of Indigenous peoples’ values: Current knowledge, best-practice and framing questions for future research. Ecosystem Services, 54, [101417].

Álvarez-Romero, J. G., Kiatkoski Kim, M., Pannell, D., Douglas, M., Wallace, K., Hill, R., Adams, V. M., Spencer-Cotton, A., Kennard, M. J., & Pressey, R. L. (2021). Multi-objective planning in northern Australia: co-benefits and trade-offs between environmental, economic, and cultural outcomes: Final report to the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. James Cook University.

Davis, K. J., Burton, M., Rogers, A., Spencer-Cotton, A., & Pandit, R. (2019). Eliciting public values for management of complex marine systems: An integrated choice experiment. Marine Resource Economics, 34(1), 1-21.

Spencer-Cotton, A., Kragt, M. E., & Burton, M. (2018). Spatial and Scope Effects: Valuations of Coastal Management Practices. Journal of Agricultural Economics, 69(3), 833-851.

Spencer-Cotton, A. (2016). Applied Choice Analysis, 2nd edition. Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 60(4), E17-E18.

Key Contacts

Alaya Spencer-Cotton:

Associate Professor Marit Kragt:

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