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CAED assesses the impact of GRDC project on high value pulses in WA

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

A team of CAED staff, including A/Prof Marit Kragt, A/Prof Fay Rola-Rubzen and Dr Asjad Sheikh, were contracted by Grains Research and Development Corporation to do an ex-post analysis of a major GRDC-funded project in WA that aimed to build awareness of high value pulses (lentils, faba beans and chickpeas) and demonstrate the best bet packages targeted at the factors that limit the potential of high value pulses.

The $2.45 million dollar investment was aimed at addressing WA growers’ demand for profitable high value pulse crop alternatives specifically suited to WA soils and environments.

The project aimed to demonstrate the agronomy and benefits of newly released pulse varieties; transfer agronomic knowledge to growers and their consultants; and develop the next generation of pulse agronomists and researchers.

Our ex-post analysis found that the project generated direct benefits to farmers in terms of yield improvement with the best bet agronomic practices. The project is expected to generate significant total benefits worth $5.21 million, primarily due to adopting better agronomic practices and changing production technology. Further, the capacity of early career researchers, farmers and consultants were built through the 35 trial experiments, training and demonstrations at Field Days, supported by a robust set of communication and extension activities.

For further details on the ex-post analysis, read the GRDC article, The case for high value pulses in WA, that uses our results to provide a general summary of the impact the project is having.

If you are interested in impact assessments, our centre is available for more short term consultancy work like the above ex-post analysis. Our staff are experts in impact assessments, particularly in agricultural investments.

More Information

Article in Groundcover: The case for high value pulses in WA

To discuss consulting opportunities, please contact Fiona Dempster at

Key Contacts

Associate Professor Marit Kragt at

Associate Professor Fay Rola-Rubzen at

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